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EdFringe 2023
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For EdFringe 2023 TTI will present 4 shows at Assembly Festival:

Picasso: Le Montre SacreThe Devil's PassionManifest Destiny's ChildKravitz, Cohen, Berstein & Me

Picasso: Le Montre Sacre Buy Picasso Tickets

Picasso: Le Monstre Sacre
(Reviews, Biographies Press release, image)

An uncompromising portrait of Pablo Picasso by Terry D'Alfonso.
Adapted for Solo Performance & Directed by Olivier Award Winner Guy Masterson.

Undisputed genius and visionary artist, yet Picasso’s obsession often destroyed
those he professed to love. Should we condemn or forgive?

An explosive, deeply passionate voyage of self-revelation
leaving the audience as his jury. Brilliantly incarnated by Peter Tate.

'Peter Tate was so real, touching and strong, my heart was moved.
I was back to Vallauris sixty years ago.'
(Sylvette David, Muse to Picasso)

'Engaging, enthralling and exciting! A fascinating portrait.’ (ReviewsHub)

'Witty and fun, yet visceral and uncomfortable!
' (The UpComing)

‘Any aspiring actor should see the brilliant performance of Tate in action!’ (Theatre Reviews)

‘Masterson captures his bullish essence through Tate’s convincing performance.’ (Theatre&ArtsReviews)Buy Picasso Tickets Ed23

Buy Tickets: The Devil's Passion Buy Devil's Passion Tickets

The Devil's Passion: Further Info
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‘Within the hour we will capture or kill the notorious leader of the most extreme
dangerous and contagious ideology to emerge in the modern era.’
(Satan 33 AD)

As Jesus enters Jerusalem to fulfil his destiny, Satan ascends from Hell to stop him.
A battle begins for the soul of Humanity...

An audacious hell’s-eye view of the Passion of Christ.

‘Magnificent, satirical, darkly comic’ (The Observer).

‘Radical and provocative: a devilishly clever retelling’
(Mark Lawson)

‘One of the most remarkable evenings I’ve spent in the theatre.
’ (David Suchet)

Buy Devil's Passion tickets Ed23


Manifest Destiny's Child

Manifest Destiny's Child - Further info
(Reviews, Biographies Press release, image)

An unassuming teacher jettisons a cushy job to manage Jill Stein's well-meaning
but flawed 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign. A provocative, intelligent, hilarious
TRUE account of how America lost its way and woke up in Trumplandia!
Dennis Trainor Jr. takes a pickaxe to the toxic myth of American Exceptionalism.

A World Première directed by Broadway veteran, David Esbjornson
(The Shawkshank Redemption)

'Calm and smart, offsetting its stridency with humor" (NY Times for "American Autumn")

Buy Manifest Destiny's Child tickets Ed23

Buy Manifest Destiny Tickets

Kravitz, Cohen, Bernstein & Me Buy Kravitz-Cohen Tickets

Kravitz, Cohen, Bernstein & Me - Further info:
(Reviews, Biographies Press release, image)

Multi-award-winning Kiwi/Canadian/Jewish comedienne, Deb Filler (Filler Up 2002)
goes on a hilarious musical quest, meeting 'The Three Lennys', singing The Beatles in Yiddish,
and holding us “Transfixed in a masterful tour de force” of a (mostly) true story....

With only a guitar and a raft of lovable characters, this jam-packed,
deeply humorous show is a love-story to Yiddish, music and mentors,
whose empowering influence will linger long after curtain down.

“Magnificent! Dazzing! Stunning!” (Boston Globe)

"Enchantingly intimate, filled with gusto, charm, brilliance, talent and chutzpah...
To miss her would be madness!"
(NZ Herald)

Directed by Sarah-Louise Young (An Evening Without Kate Bush)

'What makes her performance so irresistible is her innate mimetic genius
her sharp, compassionate observation of people, her instinct for spot-on timing
and just-right exaggeration, her amazingly limber facial expression and body language.
But, most of all, it’s the unfeigned warmth of her connection with her audience.'
(Vancouver Observer)

'Deb Filler’s love note to the world wends through near-universal musical touchstones,
bawdy humour, the joys (or not) of Yiddish, coincidental connections,
and the impact of one important musical figure on the life of her family.’
(DC Reviews)

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