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To: Skin Tight
  • Written by Gary Henderson
  • Performed by Larissa Matheson & Jed Brophy
  • Directed by Cathy Downes
  • Original music & lighting by Chris Ward
  • European Premiere, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh 1998
  • New End Theatre, London

As she and Tom reflect and relive their lives together; their greatest passions, anguishes and joys, they reveal anew their deepest secrets... a reckoning before sleep... Always as young as they have felt for each other, they have never succumbed to the numbing of the flesh and mind. They are the passionate embodiment of true everlasting love... In a searingly honest portrayal that touched audiences all over New Zealand in over seven seasons, Larissa Matheson and Jed Brophy, in the beautiful prime of life, give a performance punctuated with the extraordinary physicality of a no holds barred fight dissolving into the sensuality of a tender kiss...

"Tom and Elizabeth weave the erotic dance of their union - in a feast of poetry and fierce physicality...There is not a superfluous word and every word is perfect in its place. A masterpiece of framing and light... wrenchingly beautiful." SCOTSMAN FRINGE FIRST WINNER (The Scotsman, 27/08/98)

"A feverish fusion of intense physicality... enough erotic verve to leave you breathless... gorgeous!" (Scotland On Sunday, Sept 98)

"This play is brimming with life as well as emotive, silent moments, with a very intimate performance by Jed Brophy and Larissa Matheson." (Edinburgh Evening News, 03/09/98)

"Skin Tight is a visceral, heartbreakingly intense mix of sensual, physical grace and Henderson's lyrical script that leaves things emotionally exposed down to the bare bones." (The List, 20/08/98)

".. a heartwrenchingly visceral performance .. as the pair move between frenetic dances of rage to the most tenderly erotic evocations of longing." (The Times, 03/09/98)

NZ Reveiws:

"Scenes of tension that made the audience gasp and hold its breath... Erotic and thrillingly dangerous." (NZ Evening Post)

"Pure theatre that peels away time, self-deception, longing and passion, in the dreamlike haze of a fleeting summer morning... Their powerfully athletic and sensual performances have more dynamic chemistry than a genetics lab, fleshing the tempestuous relationship of Tom and Elizabeth from bare, well-chosen bones." (NZ Listener)

"The title "Skin Tight" says it all. It is hard to imagine a play more physical and intense in which two passionate lives are compressed into a single hour. There is such fire in this marriage, the play becomes a universal homage to love." (NZ Christchurch Press)

"Intense romanticism, beauty of movement and the language of passion." (NZ Wellington Dominion)

"The closing moments are almost unbearable in their intensity." (NZ Auckland Herald)

"This love story is without days and nights..." (NZ Capital Times)