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Theatre Tours International Ltd
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Theatre Tours International is an Olivier Award Winning, UK based international touring theatre company formed in 2000 led by Artistic Director Guy Masterson from his original company Guy Masterson Productions.

It is dedicated to developing and sustaining small to mid-scale touring theatre domestically (UK) and globally and to developing new theatre audiences through association with some of the UK's most innovative young talent.

In its 18 years, Theatre Tours International Ltd became one of the most highly visible independent theatre companies presenting at the Edinburgh Fringe, and developed a worldwide reputation for presenting small to medium scale, 'pared down' theatre to the highest standards. The company name has become synonymous with quality and has developed a large and loyal global audience base.

Together with Guy Masterson Productions, the list of Edinburgh hits is extensive, some of which have toured domestically and internationally to great acclaim for many years since their inception; Under Milk Wood, Animal Farm, Shylock, Berkoff's Women, Playing Burton and Adolf all rank in the top ten performed solo shows of all time worldwide. Its 2009 hit, Morecambe became a West End hit and won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Entertainment in 2010. TTI has also presented some of Edinburgh's hottest imports from overseas including Skin Tight, Krishnan's Dairy, Number 2, Horse Country, Americana Absurdum, Goner, Moscow, The Complete Lost Works of Samuel Becket and I, Claudia.

TTI's success culminated in 2003 in developing one of the biggest Fringe Festival hits of all time, 12 Angry Men, which Guy Masterson famously cast with stand-up comedians. It smashed all Edinburgh Fringe box office records for theatre and set a trend for 'big show's at the Fringe which Masterson himself emulated by initiating the West End hit One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest with Christian Slater & Mackenzie Crook at the Assembly Rooms in 2004. He then directed The Odd Couple with Bill Bailey and Alan Davies in 2005 which set the Fringe box office record for an Edinburgh theatre production that stands today.

GMP-TTI is also officially the most highly nominated and awarded non-venue based company at the Edinburgh Fringe over the past 21 years accumulating 10 Scotsman Fringe Firsts, 2 Best of the Firsts, 2 Jack Tinker Spirit of the Fringe, 3 Herald Angels, 3 Best Actor Awards (and 27 further nominations) 1 Stage Best Ensemble Award - among many other lesser accolades.

Internationally, TTI has developed a world-wide reputation particularly in Australia; In 2004, 12 Angry Men, played International Festivals of Adelaide and Perth and New Zealand, was then recast with Australian actors and went on to play Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in 2005 where it won 3 Green Room (Melbourne) Awards and was nominated for 1 Sydney Helpmann Award for Best Play. After presenting work for 6 years in Adelaide, TTI originated "CIT - The Centre For International Theatre" where, between 2009 and 2012, it presented over 30 shows.

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1991: THE BOY'S OWN STORY (Nominated: 3 London Fringe Awards: Best Production, Best Actor - Guy Masterson, Best Solo Play)



1996: THE HOUSE OF CORRECTION (WINNER: The Stage Award Best Actress 1996 - Beth Fitzgerald)

1997: BYE BYE BLACKBIRD (Nominated: The Stage Award, Best Actress 1997 - Beth Fitzgerald) * THE BALLAD OF JIMMY COSTELLO Nominated: The Stage Award, Best Actor '97 (Tim Balme) and LWT Best New Comedy Writing

1998: A SOLDIER'S SONG (Nominated: The Stage Award, Best Actor 1998 - Guy Masterson) * SHYLOCK (Nominated: The Stage Award, Best Actor 1998 - Gareth Armstrong) - HOLLYWOOD SCREAMS TALKIN' TURKEYS * SKIN TIGHT WINNER: The Scotsman Fringe First Award 1998

1999: ADOLF (WINNER: Spirit Of The Fringe Award 1998, Nominated: The Stage Award, Best Actor 1997 - Pip Utton) * BERKOFF'S WOMEN (Nominated: The Stage Award, Best Actress 1999 - Linda Marlowe) * KRISHNAN'S DAIRY (WINNER: The Scotsman Fringe First Award 1999; Nominated: The Stage Award, Best Actor 1999 - Jacob Rajan) * THE DEVIL AND BILLY MARKHAM * BARE


2000: ALL WORDS FOR SEX (Nominated: The Stage Award Best Actress - Jules Leyser) * AMERICANA ABSURDUM (WINNER: The Scotsman Fringe First Award 2000, Nominated: The Stage Award Best Ensemble 2000) * I KISSED DASH RIPROCK!!! * NO.2 (WINNER: The Scotsman Fringe First Award 2000, Nominated: The Stage Award Best Actress - Madeleine Sami).

2001: ANIMAL FARM * CASTRADIVA * FERN HILL & OTHER DYLAN THOMAS (WINNER: Stage Award Best Actor 2001 - Guy Masterson) * HIP HARP FANTASIES * IT WAS HENRY FONDA'S FAULT * MOSCOW (WINNER: Scotsman Fringe First Award 2000) * RESOLUTION (Nominated: The Stage Award Best Actor 2001 Pip Utton) * SLAPS 'N' TICKLES

2002: A SLIGHT TILT TO THE LEFT * OLEANNA * FILLER UP! * THE COMPLETE LOST WORKS OF SAMUEL BECKETT * HORSE COUNTRY (WINNER: The Scotsman Fringe First Award 2002, The Scotsman Best Of The Firsts 2002, The Herald Angel (John Clancy), The Stage Award Best Actor 2002 - Dave Calvitto) * CINCINNATI (WINNER: The Scotsman Fringe First Award 2002, Jack Tinker Memorial Spirit Of The Fringe Award (Nancy Walsh), Nominated: The Stage Award Best Actress 2002 - Nancy Walsh) * GONER * GOERING'S DEFENCE * INTIMACY

2003: 12 ANGRY MEN (WINNER: The Strathmore Audience Award, Nominated: The Stage Award Best Ensemble 2003) * RED HAT & TALES (Nominated: The Stage Award Best Actor 2003 - Nick Salamone) * BLOWING IT * UNDER MILK WOOD (WINNER: Jack Tinker Memorial Spirit Of The Fringe Award (Guy Masterson), Nominated: The Stage Award Best Actor 2003 - Guy Masterson) * THE STORY OF FUNK, * RETURN JOURNEY with Bob Kingdom.

2004: 12 ANGRY MEN toured to International Festivals of Perth (Australia) Adelaide and New Zealand. UNDER MILK WOOD resumed touring nationally after a 6 month hiatus, and Guy Masterson resurrected ANIMAL FARM for one performance at the Edinburgh Fringe. Guy also directed Rainer Hersch in BORGE AGAIN! to great acclaim and put together ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST (starring Christian Slater and Mackenzie Crook) which went on to two West End seasons and a Number One tour. In September Guy Masterson returned to Australia to direct an all star Australian cast production 12 ANGRY MEN (OZ) which played in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to universal acclaim and won three Melbourne Greenroom Awards for Most Outstanding Production, Best Direction & Best Supporting Actor (Alex Menglet) It was also nominated for a Sydney Helpman Award for Best Play.

2005: UNDER MILK WOOD toured variously domestically and internationally, culminating in a successful week of performances at The Bloomsbury Theatre in London. Guy Masterson also directed THE ODD COUPLE with Bill Bailey and several of the cast of 12 Angry Men of 2003 - which became the most successful show in Edinburgh History - He also directed SWIFT with Jeffrey Mayhew.

2006: UNDER MILK WOOD toured to the Adelaide International Fringe Festival, all over Holland with Ruud de Graff and continued touring variously throughout the UK. Guy Masterson also directed LEVELLAND, Rich Hall's debut play (both as a playwright and an actor) for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Fringe. He also directed COOKING WITH PUCCINI with Jeffrey Mayhew and presented a new production of ANIMAL FARM starring Gary Shelford.

2007: UNDER MILK WOOD returned to the Adelaide International Fringe Festival together with FERN HILL & OTHER DYLAN THOMAS & ANIMAL FARM (with Gary Shelford). All played to sell-out crowds at the award winning Holden Street Theatre. Edinburgh Fringe 2007 Saw us presenting 7 shows including 3 world premieres... ARNOLD WESKER'S THE MISTRESS, FOLLOW ME, AN AGE OF ANGELS, ADOLF, AMERICAN POODLE, UNDER MILK WOOD (it's 5th Edinburgh) and PLAYING BURTON (10th anniversary edition and 3rd festival) All the shows received 5 star reviews, but this year's two runaway critical successes were Follow Me (which won a Herald Angel Award, The Fringereview.com Teapot and yet another Best Actress nomination for Beth Fitzgerald) and Playing Burton.

2008: UNDER MILK WOOD returned to the Adelaide International Fringe Festival for a 3rd successive season together with FOLLOW ME, and PLAYING BURTON. The shows were all critically successful and cemented the company's reputation at the World's 2nd biggest festival event. At Edinburgh 2008 we presented 6 shows including 3 World Premieres and 2 European Premieres. SCARAMOUCHE JONES was our big success, closely followed by VINCENT which was nominated for Best Solo Performance in the Stage. ABSOLUTION was a huge critical success for Owen O'Neill, REASONABLE DOUBT, WEIGHTS and YASSER also received a strong smattering of four and five star reviews. Click here for details. We also revived OLEANNA for a limited UK tour with Australian actresss Joanne Hartstone opposite Guy Masterson.

2009: OLEANNA played very successfully at the Adelaide International Fringe Festival. Guy Masterson also revived his performance of ANIMAL FARM for 3 Australian performances in Adelaide & Brisbane. Edinburgh 2009 was another ambitious affair presenting 6 shows. MORECAMBE and AUSTEN'S WOMEN were the two runaway sell-outs. Guy Masterson appeared in THE SOCIABLE PLOVER. SCARAMOUCHE JONES returned for a gala performance. And Justin Butcher directed two political pieces, THE STATE WE'RE IN and GO TO GAZA, DRINK THE SEA. Morecambe embarked on a limited National Tour prior to opening in London's West End on December 9th - where it triumphed and won Olivier Award nominations for Best Actor in a Musical or Entertainment and Best Entertainment.

2010: Saw us create CIT ADELAIDE - The Centre for International Theatre at the 2010 Adelaide Fringe, were we presented 8 shows: AUSTEN'S WOMEN, THE SOCIABLE PLOVER. SCARAMOUCHE JONES, THE EVENT, BULLY, UNDER MILK WOOD, FERN HILL and WEIGHTS. The season was a terrific success with David Calvitto winning the Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Performance, Scaramouche Jones winning a nomination for Best Production. The Sociable Plover won the plaudit, Most Popular Show in the Sunday Mail. Back in the UK, Austen's Women ran for three critically acclaimed weeks at the Leicester Square Theatre, MORECAMBE toured over 200 times throughout the country and it picked up the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Entertainment plus another nomination for Bob Golding in the best performance category! At Edinburgh 2010 we presented 6 shows including World Premieres of I, ELIZABETH, LONG LIVE THE KING and UK Premieres of I CLAUDIA (Canada) and A SOLITARY CHOICE (Australia). and in the autumn, Morecambe embarked on an 8 week number one tour before retiring after over 280 performances in 18 months! Under Milk Wood, Austen's Women and Fern Hill also played at the Metropolitan Theatre Ensemble in Kansas City.

2011: Guy Masterson premiered his new show, SHYLOCK this time with its originator, Gareth Armstrong, directing. In Feburary, the Second Season of CIT ADELAIDE was a huge critical success. We presented 10 shows: I, ELIZABETH, PHOENIX RISING, AMERICAN POODLE, GOERING'S DEFENCE, OLEANNA, ADOLF, SHYLOCK, THE SIX SIDED MAN, MUSSOLINI, and SMILER (Click HERE For details) SHYLOCK played at Edinburgh 2011 and garnered Guy Masterson his fourth nomination for Best Solo Performer for the Stage.

2012: Guy Masterson premiered his new show, THE HALF by Richard Dormer directed by David Calvitto at the Adelaide Fringe along with re-mounting Brian Park's scintillating comedy, IMPERIAL FIZZ. TTI in association with CITy presented 11 shows in its 3rd CIT Seaon.
At Edinburgh 2012 we presented THE HALF and a remount of A SOLDIER'S SONG starring the writer/veteran himself, Ken Lukowiak, both to great aclaim. In the autumn, Guy Masterson took on the role of Oscar in a revival of THE ODD COUPLE in Belfast which he also directed. SCARAMOUCHE JONES played at the prestigious Puebla International Theatre Festival in Mexico.

2013: Guy Masterson mounted a huge tour of ANIMAL FARM to 60 venues all over the UK, to Adelaide and Sydney. Guy also toured SHYLOCK through the USA. In July, Guy mounted and directed a 2nd revival of THE ODD COUPLE at the Hawthorne Theatre and followed this at Christmas, with his first Pantomime, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, which he wrote, directed and played Dame Dotty La Douche!

2014: TTI presented THE EVENT starring Bob Paisley for CIT at the Adelaide Festival and then 7 shows at Edinburgh including two world premieres: ANTHEM FOR A DOOMED YOUTH with Guy Mastersonand BILL CLINTON HERCULES by Rachel Mariner again with Bob Paisley. We also presented IN THE WINDOW with Nuala McKeever, ANIMAL FARM with the Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre of Tbilisi, Georgia (which won the stage award for Best Ensemble) and SCARAMOUCHE JONES. SHYLOCK played at the Going Solo Festial in India, playing Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

2015: TTI presented SHYLOCK at the Jewish Community Center in Kansas City DYLAN THOMAS: THE MAN, THE MYTH featuring Hannah Ellis, Dylan Thomas' granddaughter which premiered to great acclaim at the Assembly Festival, Edinburgh where Guy Masterson also reprised UNDER MILK WOOD but this time SEMI-SKIMMED (a 60 minute version)!

2016: Guy Masterson toured to Perth & Adelaide Australia with UNDER MILK WOOD. In may, TTI presented BILL CLINTON HERCULES and ABSOLUTION at the Park Theate, London. Guy Masterson also premiered his autobiographical comedy LOVE & CANINE INTEGRATION together with CHOPPING CHILLIES at Edinburgh. In the Autumn, SHYLOCK & UNDER MILK WOOD toured to international festivals throughout New Zealand

2017: Guy Masterson toured to Perth & Adelaide Australia with SHYLOCK & BARKING MAD! At Edinburgh 2017 TTI presented Dan Gordon in FRANK CARSON - A REBEL WITHOUT A PAUSE and MICHAEL BRANDON - OFF RAMPS in its 24th consecutive season. For Christmas 2017, Guy Masterson premiered his solo A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

2018: Guy Masterson toured to Adelaide Australia with ANTHEM FOR A DOOMED YOUTH. At Edinburgh 2087 TTI presented THE MARILYN CONSPIRACY, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, HAMLET - HORATIO'S TALE & HENRY - LION OF ENGLAND in its 25th consecutive season.

GENERAL TOURING: Guy Masterson, his artistes and affiliates have toured nationally since 1991 and internationally since 1995 to over 75 destinations worldwide including International Festivals of Australia (Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane & Melbourne), Georgia (Tbilisi), New Zealand, Israel (Jerusalem), Albania, Armenia, Canada (Toronto & Montreal), Colombia (Bogota), Ireland, Poland (Lodz); Other countries visited include, Austria, Colombia, Estonia, France, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, FYR Macedonia, The Philippines, the USA and Singapore.

 TTI/Guy Masterson Productions gratefully acknowledges the support of its sponsors, friends and followers.