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As all venues are of different capacity, we endeavour to tailor all performance fees to make them affordable for each engagement while securing the fairest fees for our performers - therefore all fees are quoted only upon application.

Discounts can be negotiated for performances at educational establishments when booked with workshops.



  • ALL CHARGES ARE VATABLE at the prevailing rate.
  • For venues of less than 125 seats, each performance carries a straight fee.
  • FEES: For venues over 125 seats, the fee will ALWAYS be quoted against a percentage of the box office takings, the greater being payable. The split percentage we accept is based on the "risk" being accepted by us. The lower the negotiated guarantee, the greater the split percentage.
  • Fees are reduced when two or more performances are booked at the same venue or booked with workshops.
  • Royalties are always included in the basic fee when set against a box office split in venues less than 200 seats. If a fixed guarantee is agreed, the royalty is sometimes payable before the guarantee @ 10% of the box office takings. These are generally added to the agreed split percentage in venues above 200 seats.
  • Travel costs are chargeable @ £0.40 per mile on performances for return trips over 40 miles from base or single trips where the tour is ongoing. These can be built into the fee or invoiced separately.
  • Accommodation should be provided for the show team on all performances over 75 miles from base. If venue does not customarily provide accommodation, suitable remuneration will be agreed and added to the contract, or reimbursed, or included in the overall fee.
  • We generally supply 1000 handbills and 50 posters per performance/booking depending on size and potential of venue. Larger amounts may be recharged at cost price. Unless the scheduled performance is part of a larger co-ordinated tour where all tour details can be pre-printed, all print must must be overprinted by the venue.
  • All Copy & images can be downloaded from this website. (see photogallery section or individual show pages)


  • All International Performance Fees are only quotable upon application
  • Fees can be quoted per performance or per week and calculated according to the overall tour.
  • A change of venue is regarded as a separate performance and will be higher than a second performance in the same venue - compensating for the extra set-up work.
  • Matinees can be scheduled only on days where no set-up, travel or workshops are also scheduled (max: 2 per week).
  • No performance on day of travel (except in exceptional circumstances)
  • No primary set-up on day of travel where travel is over four hours.
  • Performances can be scheduled on day of set-up only if set-up takes less than fivehours.
  • Where an additional technician is required, GBP £600.00 per week (plus per diems) will be charged in addition to the agreed performance fees.


Royalty Rates

  • Royalty pools differ for all shows
  • All shows are subject to royalties of the greater of X% of gross box office (verifiable) OR where no box office is taken, X% of the agreed per-performance fee.


  • BASIC: 1 on the road (1 performer) This requires the venue to provide all technical help.
  • ADVANCED: 3 on the road (1 performer, 1 CSM and 1 lighting technician).

Freight Requirements & Set pieces

  • When travelling by rail or air, set pieces and some porps may be sourced by venue.
  • When suitable set & prop items can be sourced by venue there should be NO FREIGHT REQUIREMENTS.
  • In some cases excess baggage may be chargeable* - (*to be reimbursed)


Accommodation, Per Diems and Expenses

  • Domestic: Excellent Bed & Breakfast accommodation.
  • International: Minimum 4 star or better accommodation with breakfast, wi-fi & laundry included.
  • Per diems @ at prevailing British Council "A" rate (min. GBP £45 equiv.) Per Diems must include all travel days and to be paid in cash in local currency upon arrival.
  • Expenses covered for taxi to airport at home & abroad.
  • Pick-up or taxi at foreign destination.
  • All show related travel and hotel-venue-hotel transportation covered.
  • Excess Public Liability insurance expenses covered.
  • Inoculations and sundry travel & medical related costs covered by expense agreement.
  • All other verifiable show related expenses.


Technical Requirements - see individual show tek listings

All shows benefit from a fully programmable lighting system although all shows are largely uncomplicated. Programmable lighting is important for consistency of reproduction and saving rehearsal time. A good sound system is required. When lighting is rigged and patched in advance, set-up and rehearsal can take less than 4 hours. Lighting diagrams and technical requirements are downloadable from the show pages on this site and hard copies will be provided with contracts.

Unless arranged otherwise, all shows use the in house technicians, but generally for international gigs, they travel with one Company Stage Manager/Technician who can call the shows and run the sound effects. One additional experienced English speaking/reading lighting technician required on site at each venue to rig, set-up and run the lighting. Pack-in/Bump-in should be around Noon on the day of a performance unless arranged otherwise.

Where further technical expertise is required, we may also travel with an additional lighting technician who can supervise and rig the primary set-up and run the lights during the performance. (* See Fees above)

Publicity Material Provided

Most publicity information can be downloaded from this website.

Publication quality images are downloadable from this site. Hard copy images are supplied only if necessary for larger reproduction if necessary. Photographs are not provided in bulk for international presentations.

Pre-designed artwork, example posters, leaflets, programme designs may emailed upon request (prepared in adobe PDF). Press releases, company and biographical information and review excerpts can also be provided in PDF format where the information is not awavilable from this website.

For international presentations, it is usually cheaper to print posters and leaflets in the destination country rather than sending heavy packages abroad. We can supply the print-ready designs (as above) although pre-printed posters and leaflets can be provided in small quantities at cost price (inc. postage & packing)

Workshops - for further information click here

  • Guy Masterson offers physical theatre and storytelling workshops and lectures in addition to his performances of Shylock, The Half, Fern Hill, and Amercian Poodle. Workshop Fees (excluding performance fee): 1 hour £125, 2 hours = £200, 3 hours = £250. All domestic fees are Vatable at the prevailing rate.
  • "Talk-backs" of up to 30 mins can be scheduled after one performance per week. (No Fee)
  • Guy Masterson is also available to visit schools and drama groups if schedules permit.
  • All TTI artistes are available for schools discussions and post show talk-backs.