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To: Animal Farm
  • Presented by Guy Masterson TTI
  • adapted & performed by Guy Masterson, directed by Tony Boncza
  • Lizzie Wort's stupendous rendition of Guy Masterson's acclaimed solo adaptation of Orwell's Masterpiece.
  • PLAYED Ed Fest 2000 & UK and International Tours to 2006

Animal Farm is perhaps the century's most important work of political satire. It has been translated into over 70 languages and is on academic syllabuses all over the world. Guy Masterson's unique SOLO theatrical interpretation succeeded in bringing the book to life in a dramatic physical storytelling that has won world-wide acclaim.

This solo adaptation, with the fabulous Lizzie Wort at the reins, continues to draw sell-out audiences and appeal to all ages. Lizzie brings a dancer's grace to the piece and maintains the powerful theatricality that took the piece to the West End, throughout the United Kingdom, and all over the world, including India and New Zealand, to Hong Kong, Trinidad, Greece and Macedonia.

With a set of only a wooden box - or sometimes (where possible) - a bale of hay, Lizzie (backed up by brilliant sound and light effects) animates the story with clarity, power and truth, with each animal instantly recognisable as the narrative unfolds. The simplicity and magic of Orwell's fairytale and his allegorical message of betrayed idealism is conveyed with blinding relevance proving the work to be as important today as it was 50 years ago.

"From the moment she sets off, Wort is like a dynamo on the stage. Trotting and skipping one way and the other, flitting between characters, contorting her face to bring the whole farm to life. Her energy and vitality testify to her own amusement and that is itself a joy to behold. ... Masterson's production does true justice to Orwell's original, confirming its timeless quality." (Metro - Edinburgh 2001

"It's a very demanding piece, over an hour and a half long, and it's a lot to ask of one actor, to tell the story of Orwell's novel in lots of different voices, with a considerable amount of physicality, and at a cracking pace. Wort handles it well: she is ballet-trained and that gives her the physical resources necessary. It's a very impressive performance." (About British Theatre - Edinburgh 2001

"Any actress who can hold an audience in the palm of her hand while she impersonates animals for an hour and forty minutes must have talent. The rather extraordinary Lizzie Wort brings Orwell's novel vividly to life... political doublespeak and spin doctoring have never been stronger. Thought-provoking entertainment for all." (Daily Mail - Ediburgh 2001)