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To: All Words For Sex
  • Presented in association with Jules Leyser
  • PLAYED: Ed Fest 2000 & Soho Theatre, London, 2001

"How's your week been?" Ask someone... anyone, and see how long it takes them to talk about sex...

But for Imogen, Marion, Paula and Beth, their sexual conversations are not the stuff of passion, giggles and fantasy. Their lives have taken a turn away from their dreams and they endeavour to comprehend what happened. Where now is the fine line between wanted and unwanted sex? Who makes the rules?

Here are four women with four very different lives struggling with their individual fine lines.

Is Imogen rejection phobic, a control freak a victim, or prick-tease?

Marion's desire is to serve her husband but no longer in the bedroom.

Paula uses sex as currency for transactions to get pills from a bouncer or favour from her father.

Beth's body was violated - as was her soul - as is her life.

We have all met one of these women... at least once.

ALL WORDS FOR SEX is an "eavesdrop on intimacy" as each woman confides in her therapist during their weekly session on his couch. Often moving, sometimes comic, always powerful theatre.

Nominated Best Actress in Stage Awards for Acting Excellence 2000

"This sensitive and originally staged one-woman show explores questions of sexual emancipation and power.. Jules Leyser, who penned the play herself, shows boundless empathy in her realistic portrayals of the four therapy-seeking females.. Each woman in the audience can recognise part of herself in one of the characters on stage and will most likely return home moved to tears." (Annette Wirthlin, Three Weeks, 21/08/00)

"Unmissable! There are countless one-woman shows at this year's Fringe, but none of them... comes up to the standard of this. ... These short monologues give us much food for thought, as well as providing entertainment through the astute characterisation and first-class acting, but, just in case we forget what can happen, after the final scene, in which Beth describes how she was raped and the effect it has had upon her, we are left shocked and sickened, moved to such an extent that as an audience we were unable to do anything but gasp for a moment or two after the scene ended." (Peter Lathan,

"A fine script leads us to the shrink's couch with four very different women...this piece is a powerful, insightful and provocative series of monologues, challenging our perceptions of sex...To lead us through such different lives, to move us to tears and touch different parts of us with each new character, takes an intelligence and talent few possess." (Vicky Frost, The Stage 17/08/00)

"Sexual hang-ups stripped bare... Written and performed by Jules Leyser, All Words For Sex is an intimate and revealing exploration of attitudes to sex... the material is original and Leyser gives a good performance" (Viv Franzmann, The List 17/08/00)

"Strikes gold with a one-woman, four-character performance. Jules Leyser puts it across with an ear for telling detail as well as with wit and guile. Brooding and raging in a black trouser-suit, has the power to make us see and feel." (Benedict Nightingale, The Times 09/08/00)

"Very striking performer and writer of this one-woman show. The characterisations, well created by Leyser under the direction of the experienced Guy Masterson, circle the subject with empathy. Left more than one audience member in tears." (Catherine Lockerbie, The Scotsman 09/08/00)