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To: Hip Harp Fantasies
  • With Deborah Henson-Conant
  • Played Edinburgh 2000 at Assembly Rooms
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Step into the mind of Deborah Henson-Conant... A mind where watermelons are as sexy as Sean Connery, where dogs go back to school to get their pedigrees and, in Heaven, Jimi Hendrix turns up the distortion on his harp.

Henson-Conant is a genre-hopping musician, storyteller and comedian. She sings, tells tall stories, accompanies herself on the harp... a cobalt-blue, solid-body, strap-on electric harp... and changes forever the way the World sees the ancient instrument.

Her music is eclectic - jazz-pop-comedy-folk-blues-flamenco-Celtic crossover. And her songs and stories range from the touching to the hilarious. "Congratulations, You Made it this Far," - DHC's answer to "Happy Birthday" - made National Symphony Orchestra conductor Marvin Hamlisch blurt out, "I want everybody to hear this song!"

This is one show that proves the harp is so much more than heavenly.

"Over the top? Well, yes, but why be anything else when you're dressed in a miniskirt, sparkly strapless top and cowboy boots, and you swan on stage looking like the prow of a ship, strapped to a glittering, blue harp that can make you sound like Jimi Hendrix?... all breathy reminiscence one minute, gentle nocturnal murmers from the harp, then a shake of those cascading rainbow hair-braids and that soaringly powerful voice lets rip." (The Scotsman)

"Few have blown the cobwebs off harp music quite so comprehensively as California's Deborah Henson-Conant ... Dazzling range and depth of technique ... A warmly engaging, energetic stage manner ... A memorable show .. Unerring flair and finesse, while her bright-toned, muscular singing proves equally adept at switching between styles." (Metro)

"This is one of those cross-genre shows which defies classification...Debora Henson-Conant is one part comedian, one part storyteller and one part harpist...comparisons with Phoebe from Friends - except of course, Henson-Conant can play her instrument. Wonderfully." (The List)

"Deborah Henson-Conant is no stranger to Scotland and this show is designed to take her mini-skirted harp radicalism to a wider audience. ...she has always been a likeable personality with her humour, an allegedly unAmerican sense of irony, and appetite for self-put-downs. ... Her tale of macho boston pooches and tap-dancing German shepherds is genuinely funny, her song to the man in the moon moving" (The Herald)

"Imagine the talented love-child of André Previn and Lucille Ball." (National US Radio)

"She plays stuff you just wouldn't think could possibly come from the instrument that St. Peter hands out to new arrivals at the pearly gates." (Grand Rapids Press)

"A combination of Leonard Bernstein, Steven Tyler and Xena the Warrior Princess." (The Boston Globe)

"She's doing for the harp what Elvis and Chuck Berry did for the guitar!" (Denver Post)