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To: The House Of Correction (Original Production 1996)
  • Presented by Theatre Tours International
  • Written by Norman Lock
  • Directed by Guy Masterson
  • performed by Beth Fitzgerald, Tony Boncza & Simon Merrells
  • Premiered: The Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh 1996

Take a 30 something, happy, sappy, yuppie couple, Carl and Marion, who have earned their comfy, self-contained, suburban existence ... throw into their midst a man - Steve - obsessed with murderous revenge, a revenge which happens to include them ... add seduction and terror ... and their home becomes a prison ... a house of correction.


"A gripping, individualistic piece which reels from black comedy to sick thrills." (The Stage 15/08/96)

"With a staggeringly energetic tempo throughout, this show moves from sitcom to Hitchcock, mingling the two so neatly that sometimes you don't know what you're watching." (Naked 11/08/96)

"We are kept on the edge of our seats as events move towards a climax beyond expectation." (The Scotsman 30/08/96)

"Anyway you look at it, Lock's play is first, last and always a superior mystery-comedy-thriller ... an astonishing specimen of a nearly extinct genre" (LA Times 1988)

"Lock's weapon is words and he uses them well ... like a nightmare that wakes you up shaking, forcing you to reassess your life"(LA Life 1988)