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To: Moscow by Nick Salamone
  • Written by Nick Salamone
  • Directed by Jessica Kubzansky
  • Music by Maury R Mcintyre
  • Performed by Nic Arnzen, Joshua Wolf Coleman, Clay Storseth
  • Accompanied by Alma Cielo

Moscow is a bittersweet tale of three guys locked in a disused theatre, trapped in a Sartre-esque existence, doomed to rehearse Chekov's "Three Sisters" forever! Blending surreal absurdism with hilarious, lyrical romanticism, the three men struggle to find some meaning in their lives - in life at all - with only the help of a battered old copy of Chekhov. Beautiful songs, oustanding wit, three brilliant performances in a remarkable play create perhaps the most affecting musical you will ever see...

Moscow premiered in Los Angeles with the prestigious Playwrights' Arena group and first came to the Edinburgh Festgival in 1998. With only 12 performances then at the French Institute, the show received a fabulous 5 star review in The Scotsman, duly won a Fringe First Award and tickets became an impossibility to get.

It returned with TTI 3 years later to the larger setting of the Assembly Rooms to equal critical acclaim and was voted "The Peoples Favourite 2001" in The Scotsman.

"This musical gives you one way to learn to appreciate Chekhov even if you have never seen his work... This could be too absurd but instead it is touching and engaging. The skill and talent of the actors keeps you engrossed. It is amazing how the three take command of such a large space as they work around the theatre. Captivating." (Three Weeks)

"One of the lovely things about this production is that thanks to carefully modulated performances by Nic Arnzen, Joshua Wolf Coleman, and Clay Storseth, the men are bound into a self sustaining triangle - as beautifully, irksomely close as sisters. ...intelligent substantial and moving as Chekhov. surprised me sweetly to tears." (The Scotsman)

"What makes this compelling is the way in which it captures and magnifies the extraordinary yearning quality of Chekhov's original and puts its faith in the healing power of art ... the performances have a stiletto precision ... Its heart is big enough to embrace everyone who lives with the dull ache of an unfulfilled life." (Lyn Gardner - The Guardian)

"Three great American musical performers... completely inhabit their parts... Nic Arnzen is especially moving as a southern stud who, on the realisation that sex messes up friendships, transforms in front of our eyes from child to adult. Glory in the performances." (The List)

"So brilliantly conceived it would send Sondheim weeping into his beer!" (L.A. Times)

"Unlikely to be bettered on the Fringe. I actually wept!" (Lyn Gardner-The Guardian)

"Witty, tender, sophisticated. A wonderful, delicate fusion of music theatre, song and emotion... By turns warm, wise, funny and moving, but always compelling entertainment." (The Scotsman)

"A highly challenging, entertaining and moving meditation on love, hope and despair. Parallels between the men and their female roles are as intelligently handled as the lyrics are eloquent ... Terrific performances." (The List)

"An intriguing mix of surrealism and lyrical romanticism that earns high marks for originality and dedicated craftsmanship." (LA Times)

"Combines humour and humanity in an intelligent, insightful look at unrequited love and unfulfilled lives" Critic's Choice. (Drama Logue, LA)

'An intriguing absurdist-theatre homage to such playwrights as Jean-Paul Sartre and Samuel Beckett, as well as a highly relevant and multi-faceted gay love story... three excellent actor/singers, who amuse us and break our hearts in about equal measure. " (LA Frontiers)